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Hi LJ - great job at Broad - you truly captured me.
The first song you did (?Valentin?) was especially excellent - but not on your albums - will you be releasing it? Is there a live version you could post here (or MySpace) - I'd


to hear it again! :)


Juast heard Yellow Moon on the Broad CD - I love it and will track down your other work ! Keep up the excellent work!

Ali Lee

Dear Laura and wonderful, wonderful band. Oh, a pleasure to be at your Tempe gig. Thank you. Your music touches hearts so. Please play at Matcham Hall again! I live up the road from it and Cody (he told me what I missed...so envious)...we will pack that little hall...promise!!!


Hey Laura and band -

you were wonderful @ the Clarendon on Wednesday and we look forward to catching you at Woodford perhaps!
**all the best**


Am I the first *real* person to sign this guestbook?

Anyway, love you and your music Laura; say hi to your amazing bandmates for me and hope to see you again live soon!



Hi! I saw you for the first time when you supported Guy Blackman's album launch. Your music was amazing!

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money to buy a cd at the time. You can get Edenland from Readings, right? Can you get past albums from there as well? Do sell the albums directly (apart from at gigs)? Just wanted to know because that way you get more money right (less goes to the shop that's selling it)?

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