Eden Land Lyrics


Your wish has been given, your love’s been obeyed
The stone has been turned, and magic un-named
Eden Land has been sighted, the child has been born
Victory sung by the bird of the morn
There rings the bell and the old ones are crying
Evil lays in the light and sings as it’s dying


Oh love, holy love
Eden land, holy land
Summer vine, holy fields
Spring will yield, Spring will yield
Winter’s on the other side
Autumn is the holiest time
Oh love, holy love
Eden land, the home of man


Mum, this Summer I’m coming home to you
I’m glad when I call there is never any news
There’s no use making trouble in our lives
That’s the greatest thing I ever realized

Dad, I always saw you as my brother
We are friends now we have gotten older
As a child I asked Jesus into my heart
Already there, you were waiting in the dark

Tully, you are my most foolish friend
You’re sailing all the way to England
I can see your ruby slippered feet
Yellow brick road floating on the sea


I should have known what was in store when I married you
A year long labour, oh this child is so overdue
No, I don’t want to see his face
I’ve taken you this far little man and now it’s up to you

Ten years doesn’t make me your wife
My single greatest fear is that you could read into my mind
Did you know that I’m half a man?
I’m your lady of the lake but I’m her brother too

I’m your lady of the lake but I’m my brother too


Yellow moon I see your face in the light

Always in your place, every night
Turning ‘round and ‘round until you’re out of sight
Spun into another realm
Hell and Heaven running parallel

Yellow moon I see your face in the light

Oh stars! Climb into another sky
Wind in the trees makes them come alive
All along the city roads
They are a portal to another world

Yellow moon I see your face in the light


Born to me, a boy in my dreams… MIKHAEL!
Blonde and fair, eyes of deep green… MIKHAEL!

In a soft white shell, tiny and frail, lay Mikhael
I crouched to the floor lest his breathing fail

As he grew stronger so did my love for Mikhael
I didn’t love my daughter nearly as much as Mikhael

He loved us all equally
But time with them was time away from me

I awoke when he was seventeen
His mother’s heart born and broken in dreams



Love is going to leave us
Love is going to lead us on
In the middle of the night
When we want to make everything alright
Love is going to leave us

Love is going to find us
Love is going to see us on
To the swan ship heading west
To the light after death
Love is going to lead us


Hey brother hey, in the middle of May
On the first full moon, in the middle of the day
The greatest boon did bless my whole life
Even when I was a child, I knew I was your wife

Separated by a wall in a maze, in a maze
We walked side by side from the first of our days

Then a singing bird led us to a door of diamond wood
Remember it’s strange call?
We killed the bird, and we broke through the wood
But the world we found was not good

Sad strange rhymes that turned into our lives
Were whispered in my head by the bird that was dead
Imaginary sounds that became our fears
Oh this world that we found hurt us both for years…

Then one day in the middle of May
The haunting bird left us with these words
“Now I see no thought, no tremor nor mood
will break you in two, like you did the diamond wood.”

He flew into the light, his wings swept our world so bright
He set us free on our anniversary


Where are you
I looked into your eyes last night
I knew we were running out of time

At twenty-five, half alive
Trying to hold the gold thread
Hair on your head snaking along our bed

You’re crawling away with your arm hanging down
Eden’s lost you, Eden’s waiting while you spin around
In the dark, the garden’s heart, you set yourself apart

Where are you
I look into your eyes
when we kiss
It makes me Man
It’s what I miss

Oh Eve, what’s this hold you have on my life?
Like a deer standing still while I’m holding my knife

I’m walking on the edge
I’m going to fall through your face
Into your hearts well
Down into Hell at the bottom of your back
I will attack with the beasts
Just let us come inside
Where are you woman
Let me look into your eyes…


Adam I left you
In Eden, so confused
Throughout the ages the seasons stopped changing

Do you remember when we used to wander
Down near the Tree at the edge
You’d stare into my eyes, and I would lie and lie

You were always his favourite
Please Adam, stay in the light
I’m on the other side
We’re the same in separate worlds

We were created together
We were born for each other
But oh, day after day
I felt Him hover over me

I needed to, I did it because I love you
Adam I’m true, I had to I had to
Adam I cannot see you
You’re disappearing into thought
Like the whole of this life does
Spins off into the dark
I miss you Adam like the lark
That came to me every night
Won’t you come to me in another life?