September Notes

Dear All

Just thought I'd write a quick update. I will be writing again soon with tour dates for November.

Broad was really, really fun. I was pretty nervous about it but it ended up being one of the best experiences of my life so far! It was like being at a weird music camp. Except the end of school performance was at the Sydney Opera House, not the local scout hall. I have attached a photo of all the performers after our last show at Hamer Hall in Melbourne. It's supposed to be a footy team style shot, and by the looks of it even Melbourne could whip our asses. (I am allowed to say that because Melbourne's my team ok?)

I have been busy working with Jen Cloher on her next album, 'Hidden Hands'. I am helping her produce it, and playing some ol' piana and a bit of singin'. Yeah! It's been fun.

Jen Sholakis (drummer)  and I have also been working on our viola player Biddy's album, which we will talk more about soon. Biddy is a top friend on myspace, check out her tunes.

The other day The Eden Land Band and I played Hi Vibes, the annual festival on High Street Northcote. It was crowded, fun, and strange! Loved it. Thanks to our cheeky fan Georgia who sang along to all our songs. Never thought I'd see a young twenty something singing along to 'Anniversary' but there you go.

To all those people asking about my song Valentine, I am recording it for my next album, so it's a while off yet but please be patient!

Ok, well that's it from me for now.

Love Laura


Broad Footy Team 08